Sunday, August 17, 2008

I miss my blogs

Yesterday morning, I accessed my blogs and made a post in one of them. Then, I started drafting another post. Finished, I pressed “Save”, but an error message appeared. Tried several times but unsuccessful. I checked my other blog. It’s already inaccessible - the browser said “network time out”. My wifey, Beng, who was accessing her blog too began complaining that she couldn’t access hers. During the day, we tried to access our blogs, other blogs,, and eventually the forum to report and to check what’s happening. “Network timeout'’, “network time out'’, “network time out'’, “network time out'’, “network time out'’ were the answers we got. We could access other sites and blogs except and the Dot ph? I checked other sites with .ph but they were accessible. I checked my email and there were comments made on my blogpost - meaning the commenters were accessing my blogs Something must be wrong; but, what and where? It could be or my ISP or I didn’t know.

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