Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My bowling performance - week 13 of 28th COMP

On my way, the traffic along EDSA was terrible because of the collision between two vehicles alongside the bus stop near White Plains Avenue, which constricted the flow of traffic to two lanes only. It took me almost an hour from East Avenue to the accident site. Luckily, I arrived at the mall at about 6:15 PM. When I got out of the elevator to fourth floor, there was human traffic of bowlers waiting for their turns to ride in the mall’s sole, slow, and scrimpy elevator. I learned later that they were the national finalist for the World Cup. I saw Paeng Nepomuceno; but, he managed to be in the fifth place only. And, this event delayed our games by about 30 minutes.

Alfred, our second best bowler, has been absent for five weeks now because of a surgical operation. Get well soon, Alfred, and hope to see you again.I played better games last night – 148, 205 (my third 200 game); 177 or an average of 177. My current average is now 162 from 161.

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