Tuesday, September 9, 2008

My bowling performance - week 14 of 28th CoMP

I am congratulating Mr. Jeff Carabeo and Ms. Kim Lao for outsmarting veteran bowlers like Paulo Valdez, Biboy Rivera, Liza del Rosario and Krizziah Tabora thereby winning the National Title of the 2008 Bowling World Cup last Sunday at the SM MOA Bowling Center.  The duo will be sent to Hermosillo, Mexico on November 2008 to test their mettles in the international finals of the cup against the world’s bests.  Last year, Paulo and Liza represented the country in the World Cup in Petersburg, Russia.

At CoMP bowling tourney tonight, my scores weren’t good: 168 – 134 – 168 (average of 157 only).  Jeff and Kim’s averages are about 210.  I had gunned for another 200 games on my third game but only to be frustrated by three similar cherries.  The pins left were 6 and 10 and I chopped the 6.

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